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 Disciplining Your Child

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Disciplining by the Ages     When disciplining your children, it is important to be consisten. If you don't stick to the rules and consequences that you set up, your child isn't likely to either. Use these great resources and sites and integrate the ideas into your home.

Discipline Guide    
When Time Out Doesn't Work    
The Natural Child Project    
Discipline Tips    
The Big List of Consequences    
Spanking vs. Not Spanking    
Using Positives for Disciplining Children    
Discipline Tactics    
Four Basic Components of Good Discipline    
Gentle Discipline    
Giving Your Child Effective Attention    
Discipling Your Preschooler    
The Importance of Consistency    
An Age-Specific Guideling to Discipline    
Disciplining Your Child    
The Golden Rule of Punishing Kids    
How to Overcome Tantrums