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Learning About Money

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Online Activties
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Printable Activities

Lemonade Stand     Coin Crafts
Dollar Dive     Print Play Money
Lemonade Larry     Print Play Coins
Catch the Money     Money Introduction
Freddie's Fast Food     Check Writing Practice
Money Sorter     Dollar Bill Coloring Page
How Many Cents?     Making Change for a Dollar
Money Portraits     Dollar Minus Pennies
Build a Buck     Dollar Minus Nickels
Spending Spree     Dollar Minus Dimes
Farm Stand     Dollar Minus Quarters
Change Maker     Values of Coins
Cash Out     Money Word Problems
Using Money     How Much is The....?
Making Change     Restaurant Menu
Boo Blvd. Money Madness     American Money Words
Piggy Bank     Shopping Board Game
Fill in the Money Name     Lets Go Shopping!