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Printable Activities

Shape Match     Shapes Printable Book
"Teletubbies" Shape Game     Shapes and Number Book
Pot o' Gold     Shape Words Book
Gamequarium Jr. Shape Games     Triangles Book
Let's Play with Shapes!     "I Can Color Shapes" Worksheet
"Black Dog's" Shape Matching Game     "I Can Draw Shapes" Worksheet
"Barney's" Shape Matching Game     Finish the Drawing Worksheet
Matching Shapes with "Krog"     Follow the Shape Instructions
"Little People" Shapes     Shape Matching Dominoes
"Elmo's" Cloud Game     Shape-to-Word Matching Dominoes
Match Shapes     "Shape Buddies" Coloring Pages
"Sesame Street" Shapes Scavenger Hunt     "Shape Buddies" Paper Crafts
"Sammy the Snake's" Shapes     "Shape Buddies" Worksheets
Shape Racer Game     Shape Recognition Worksheets
Etch-a-Sketch Shapes     Shapes Crafts
"Bucky Beaver's" Dam Jammer     Shapes Coloring Book
Flip & Rotate Shapes with "Robo Packer"     Circus of Shapes
Shapes Memory Game     Tower of Shapes